Sadaf Noureen

Sadaf Noureen is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and trained addiction therapist based in Karachi. She completed her diploma in Clinical Supervision from CPPD, Pakistan and has been qualified as a Clinical Supervisor. She did her Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology from the Institute of Professional Psychology, Bahria University Karachi Campus and completed her Bachelors in Professional Psychology from the same Institute. Currently has been associated with different institutes including CPPD, HOP and CIC as a Clinical Supervisor. She has more than 5 years of experience in this field. She has served at Habib University. as a Counselor and provided lectureship services to other institutes too. She provides therapy and counselling services to a diverse range of populations including children, adolescents, young adults, adults and the geriatric population.

Her specialities lie in relationship issues, anxiety, anger management, stress, couple counselling, depression, personality disorders, trauma, abuse, dysfunctional family issues, ADHD, OCD, chemical and non-chemical addiction, codependency, family therapy, gender identity, self-esteem and LGBTQ. She’s internationally qualified in Addiction, EMDR and NLP approaches. She’s also trained and experienced in psychotherapy, humanistic integrative therapy, Internal Family System (IFS), art therapy, play therapy, EMDR, NLP, Motivational Interviewing, TFCBT, Gestalt, inner child and Trauma Work. She believes that a great deal of healing arises from a wounded self. The empathetic self creates profound healing. When we courageously explore our own pain, we become more insightful and more awake to the essential qualities of the healer. The wound becomes our gift and that’s how we can create a healthy support group and that’s what her source of inspiration and aim of therapy is.

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    Relationship Issues, Anxiety, Anger Management, Stress, Couple Counselling, Depression, Personality Disorders, Trauma, Abuse, Dysfunctional Family Issues, ADHD, OCD, Chemical and Non-Chemical Addiction, Codependency, Family Therapy, Gender Identity, Self-Esteem and LGBTQ.




    Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology; Bachelors in Professional Psychology.

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